Return to the Future I


happening , video 11'15'

camera:Michal Kaboš, co-production: Bibiana Beňová

The story is about the abandoned military city Milovice which is located 40 km from Prague. During the last century the city functioned as a military zone for Austrian-hungarian army (before 1918), Czechoslovak army (1918-1938), German army (1938-1945) and Soviet army (1947-1989).  The Soviet army left the city after the fall of communism in 1989.  Today, the small city with ten thousand inhabitants, is surrounded by great number of ruins.
In collaboration with local students, we discussed the future of the city, its re-development, gentrification, disappearance of historical evidence. The most interesting moment in discussion was the debate around creating the Museum. 
At certain point of our collaboration we organized the happening which was an appropriation of Irwin's "Was ist Kunst?" performance with soldiers in Tbilisi. Happening took place at abandoned military airport. Soldiers from original happening were replaced by civilians. Appropriating the happening means returning the the Irwin's question Was ist Kunst? means returning to the avant-garde question Was ist Kunst? Where is the border between art and life? What the society expect from artist? What artist expects from society? Can art and artist propose any solutions for societies? Is necessary to deconstruct our past to take a step to the future? What is the relation between the future and the progress?