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Missing Something and Itself Missing
site specific installation,objects, paintings, drawings, video

photo:Cătălin Georgescu

Missing Something and Itself Missing is a subjective and intimate insight by the author – at loss, at absence, gap and the unexplained as constituent principles of the relationship of the real versus the archetypal image of the father. It is an image of power, knowledge, armies, wars, politics, history, legends, cities, libraries, books, schools, forests and borders, it is an image of masculine characters and objects which are to execute a liberation of spirit from matter, as a manifestation of intellect and rationality, as well as expanded consciousness and spirituality. Sun and rain, symbols of division, penetration and pervasion, knives, spears, arrows, phalluses and torches, furs, birds, aeroplanes, light, illumination, lit-up faces, crowns, halos, blinding light, judges, priests, doctors – all this appears as another image of the father which must disappear so it can persevere.

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