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VOLTA Art Fair in Basel SODA gallery (Bratislava, booth D12)

SODA gallery (Bratislava, booth D12) harnesses the artistic power of creation and destruction at VOLTA13 via a cross-generational survey of three key Slovakian artists. Jaro Varga (pictured) and Lucia Tallová are two bright young stars with blossoming careers at home and abroad. Varga’s deftness in channeling location (whether by recontextualizing found objects or choreographing movement) and Tallová’s encyclopedic, “bildungsroman-like” series, position them among the best of the current Slovakian scene. Their presentations are matched by key archival works by late avant-garde pioneer Stano Filko, whose decades-long oeuvre included singular showings at documenta 7 and the 2005 Venice Biennale. As essayed by Jan Verwoert for e-flux Journal in 2011, “Filko’s work […] challenges us to grasp how the specific use of mundane materials and signs coexists with techniques of claiming totality within one practice, and how that practice acquires its critical edge (and power to sustain itself in the face of political oppression) by consummating the marriage of metaphysics and pragmatism.” (posted by Volta Art Fair


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