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Situation 50


performance, situation, installation

I have an impression that the community gives the kind of immunity to collective memory, which leads to the dispersal of responsibility. An individual perspective retrieves this responsibility.

Situation 50 is a performative action in Pavion Gallery in Prague created from several referential parts. One of them is a short video, which transforms military movie "The King of Sumava" (1959) to tabooed soldier's romantic story. By the author's manipulation with the original footage, the agitation meaning of the original film changes to the passionate gay romance. Author's inspiration comes from memories of his father, who was serving as a soldier in Sumava (on Czech borders with Germany and Austria). One of the stories told by his father is a story of projectionist, who created a very short footage of various erotic scenes as a tabooed amusement for other soldiers.  
Other part of the situation is a performance. Author tears pages from the black and white book about Sumava, which also belongs to his father. Each page of book is rolled and placed next to other page roll, creating continuous rows. Gradually, the view on fragmented landscape appears. It last only a few minutes, until it is overlapped by new scenery (new row of rolls). 

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