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Situation 50 (epilog)


installation, objects, video, painting

This work is the continuation of the artist's subjective rewriting of a story that took place on the guarded border in the Šumava Mountains where his father was serving his compulsory military service. The first part of the project was a performance that involved a broad spectrum of themes touching on memory, revival, transformation and the deformation of memory. This loose continuation of this theme is a return to the landscape and its observation. The border landscape, with its strong historical connotations, which was an impervious wall for half a century, is now deprived of stories and presents itself as an empty frame, a drapery or an ornament. This work creates and rewrites its own memory. This is another segment of memory in a sequence of collective, historical and subjective memories.


Text from the catalogue of  exhibition The Tectonics of Memory curated by Lucie Machová and Anna Vartecká 

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