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The Future of the History


site specific installation at NTK Gallery, Prague

The story is about the abandoned military city Milovice which is located 40 km from Prague. During the last century the city functioned as a military zone for Austrian-Hungarian army (before 1918), Czechoslovak army (1918-1938), German army (1938-1945) and Soviet army (1947-1989).  The Soviet army left the city after the fall of communism in 1989.  Today, the small city with ten thousand inhabitants, is surrounded by great number of ruins.
I did collection of wall paint fragments from three different buildings from 3 different periods of Milovice military history (Austrio-Hungarian, German, Soviet). Then I tried to reconstruct it again in a gallery space. The wall was framing the space, were European history happened. Now it refers to "emptiness", "abandoned" and "ruin", 

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