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The Hacked Dream


site specific installation,objects, printmaking

I dreamt this man was in my mirror watching me, saying nothing, and he was wearing glasses. He never moved the entire time, he was like a statue, so still.“

Then he smiled at me and his head became a balloon,floating in the air above me, but no matter how hard I tried to catch it, I just couldn't reach it.

A tall, dark man shows me a picture and asks me if I can recognise my father in it. The man in the picture is this man I have never seen before, nevertheless I answer that I do recognize my father.

The man in my dreams are: his hair was a little longer in the top; his eyebrows were not as bushy. 

I dream about having sexing with this man all the time. I must admit he has a lot of imagination and he pleases me. Sometimes when I wake up I discover I have had a nocturnal emission.

He stole my book, which I used to read during the sleep

SPZ_VARGA_001 copy small
SPZ_VARGA_002 small copy
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