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The Prescience of Light
Jaro Varga . Lucia Tkáčová
guest: Michal Cáb
Collaboration: GUTENART - Sebastián Komáček a Jozef Vančo
photo: Adam Šakový

The work is inspired by the oeuvre of Ludvik Soucek (1926-1978), an excellent sci-fi writer and a unique occurrence on the literary scene of former socialist Czechoslovakia. Soucek was a life-long passionate chronicler of ancient histories, a scout of vanished civilisations, and an enthusiast in unorthodox archaeology, exobiology, cosmology and alchemy. On the day of Soucek's death, his last manuscript mysteriously disappeared from the publishing house. These circumstances are a skeleton, a springboard, a thread to be spun further within the exhibition.

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