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We don't know that we know - site specific intervention EXPO Dubai

We don't know that we know - site specific intervention, Slovak Pavilion WORLD EXPO 2020 Dubai, UAE


‘Nature is like a text into which generations of all beings write their vision’, writes Varga, in a sentence that helps to frame the entire work. Varga’s process is deeply personal, reflecting his own struggle with the fragility of nature and an ecological vision of the web of connectivity, ’morphic resonsonances’ through complex ‘morphogenetic fields’. The attempt to record the passage of experiences, an intuitive connection to the floating pulses of nature, and the mental restrictions imposed by education and upbringing are all here. The art here also touches a chord with a much wider world, the collectives’ fears, desires, hopes and anxieties for the future for the humanity, and to wider connections into the other than human web of life intimating at a new ecological vision. The futures we face float in front of us, morphing in and out of focus, both terrifying and beautiful. Shadows on the mind intimate a terrible horizon on the edge of our awareness. Or perhaps the catastrophe has already occurred, for Winnicott (1974) the fear of breakdown is a fear of a breakdown that has already occurred (“dread is just memory in the future tense”).

(from Between art, mind and nature, ecopsychoanalytic reflections on Jaro Varga’s ‘We don't know that we know’, Joseph Dodds)


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